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How effective is your threat intelligence feed? 

Cyber Threat intelligence feeds are essential components of cybersecurity infrastructures, helping organizations to identify and prevent security breaches. The data in a threat intelligence feed can help teams implement granular security policies, understand emerging threats and profile the motives of threat actors.

Too often, however, what passes for threat intelligence is really just threat information. Rather than simply providing data without analysis or context. For it to be effective, cyber threat intelligence feeds should deliver insights that are timely, actionable, relevant, accurate and trusted. And for maximum benefit, any intelligence feed should be easily integrated into every security technology within the organization.

Cybersixgill's feeds feature actionable intelligence collected from the deep and dark web, providing earlier warning of emerging threats, before they have a chance to materialize.

The benefits of threat intelligence from the dark web

The dark web is the place where cyber criminals go to buy, sell and share the information and tools used in cyberattacks and exploits. That makes it a rich source of threat intelligence that security teams can use to predict, identify and neutralize cyber threats for a wide range of use cases. With insights from real-time cyber threat intelligence feeds incorporating data from the dark web, analysts can:

  • Prioritize vulnerability remediation. Cybercriminals on the dark web will often discuss software vulnerabilities, sharing or selling proof of concept or exploit code. By tracking these conversations, security teams can understand which vulnerabilities have the greatest probability of being exploited in the near future.

  • Identify stolen data. The dark web is where criminals go to sell or discuss data that was stolen during a successful attack.

  • Learn about exposed credentials. When user credentials are exposed via data breaches, credential stuffing, or other attacks, the information is frequently offered for sale in marketplaces on the dark web.

With a threat intelligence feed that delivers this type of information including IOCs and threat actor tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPS) from the dark web, analysts can more accurately assess the impact and probability of attacks and take concrete steps to protect their organizations.

Cybersixgill Threat Intelligence Solutions

Cybersixgill captures, processes and alerts teams to emerging threats as they surface on the clear, deep and dark web. Employing advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, our technology prioritizes, enriches and scores data according to each customer’s unique attack surface and IT assets. With the ability to extract intelligence 24x faster than our competitors, we are able to swiftly publish profiles and identify behavioral patterns that give cybersecurity teams more time to apply protections for areas of risk exposure. And because we match IOCs and threat intelligence to your organization’s unique assets, we reduce the level of alert fatigue experienced by most security teams. 

Our dark web cyber threat intelligence feeds automatically extract and deliver malicious indicators of compromise in real time, providing actionable intelligence that lets our customers identify and block specific threats to their IT ecosystems. This content includes:

  • Domains. Get insights on compromised sites and suspicious domains that are for sale on the dark web.

  • Hashes. Learn about malware hashes, including hashes of malware that cyber criminals claim is yet to be detected.

  • URLs. Get lists of links to malware files hosted on underground file-sharing sites.

  • IP addresses. Get command-and-control server IP addresses for prevalent malware, as well as servers involved in botnets, DDoS attacks and proxy anonymization. 

Benefits of our cyber threat intelligence feed

With Cybersixgill, you can:

  • Integrate your threat intelligence feed into your existing security stack. Our threat intelligence feed is structured in the STIX format for automated parsing and custom properties for IOC enrichment and filtering.

  • Receive automated early warnings of new malware threats.

  • Improve threat hunting accuracy when searching for malicious IOCs and corporate networks.

  • Improve your understanding of malware TTPs and threats.

  • Improve SOAR, SIEM and vulnerability management systems by seamlessly integrating contextual data.

  • Gain actionable insights to effectively mitigate threats.

  • Future-proof security investments with continuous additions and intel stream enrichment.

  • Improve visibility into industry-specific threatscapes.

  • Mitigate threats in advance, preventing incidents and minimizing your attack surface.

  • Improve security analytics by tracking and trending actionable insight into the IOCs we collect.

Why choose Cybersixgill? 

Cybersixgill protects organizations from malicious cyberattacks – before they materialize, no matter where they come from. Our data collection capabilities harness intelligence from the dark, deep and clear web by scraping data that is inaccessible to other vendors. Using AI and ML algorithms, we index, correlate, analyze, tag and filter raw data, enriching intelligence with context about the nature, source and evolution of each threat.

With Cybersixgill threat intelligence, security teams can:

  • Expose threat actor activity earlier. Our fully automated crawlers infiltrate and maintain access to limited-access sources, extracting and processing data in all languages and formats.

  • Preempt attacks. By capturing, tagging and filtering threat data and delivering it to customers within minutes, Cybersixgill helps to block threats before they can be weaponized in an attack.

  • Streamline intelligence. Our threat intel can be seamlessly integrated with a broad array of security technologies, thanks to 24 integration partners and 40 API endpoints that support a broad range of use cases.


What is threat intelligence?

Threat intelligence is knowledge about the types of cyber threats that an organization must defend against. Threat intelligence is developed by collecting, aggregating and analyzing data from a variety of sources concerning the nature of cyber threats and the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that cyber criminals use to target IT systems. 

What is a threat intelligence feed?

A threat intelligence feed is an ongoing stream of actionable threat data, typically collected by AI-powered processes from a broad array of sources. Threat intelligence feeds deliver real-time, machine-readable information that security teams rely on to proactively defend against cyberattacks. A threat intelligence feed can play an important role in malware prevention, phishing detection, supply chain and social media monitoring and other security activities.

What is threat intelligence vs. threat hunting?

Threat intelligence and threat hunting are both essential tools for cybersecurity teams. Threat hunting is an approach to cybersecurity that searches for previously unknown threats or unmitigated attacks in progress. Proactive threat hunting requires superior threat intelligence to help security teams ide